What is "search engine optimization"?

Search engine optimization is an effective form of Internet marketing. After all, if the search engines your website the best position today, they make a serious contribution to the sustainable success of your business. Studies show that approximately 85% of the sites owe their users relevant search engines.

However, by the search engines only websites that are designed and optimized according to their standards, long considered to be important, and ideally listed. Optimized web pages are not for the search engines but for the seeker, the search engines, the page does not even find it for themselves but for the seeker. All steps are done in this regard and the content, structure and functionality of the website will affect search engine optimization or SEO in short ("SEO") called.

The aim of the correct website optimization is to secure the site placement on one of the foremost positions in the result lists of the most popular search engines. Durable top courses polish its image, increase the number of clicks and boost visitor numbers, customer numbers and sales inquiries. Therefore, top courses is a must for web sites that strive for a successful long term online marketing.

Google and other search engines!

Is the talk of the major search engines, especially Google is meant to become the leading and most visited search engine. Google constantly achieved by far the highest proportion in the total number of searches on all search engines, currently 80.5% (May 2008). Therefore, the optimization of a website for Google even more important than optimizing for other search engines and even has its own name "Google Optimization". As "Googling" the most seekers, "google" was the verb in 2004 by the spelling Duden, officially - 23 in his Edition - included.

Why are the "Google Top 10" include?

Demonstrated statistically that more than 95% of all seekers only the first 10 positions (the top 10) give the results of a search engine attention and look at only 90% of all Internet users in the first 20 positions. Perfectly optimized a website is only when one of the top 10, in the truest sense of the word "brought up" is. To have your website succeed, it must come into the "Google Top 10."

You want your website to their permanent place among the "Top 10 Google"
can capture and keep him in the long run? We will help you because we know how to get your website professionally in the "Google Top 10", and we like to do it for you. If you are interested, you should just contact us! We look forward to meeting you and to your website!