New Guidelines for Google Webmaster

As in the official Google blog read, operators have Google updated the guidelines for webmasters. Compliance with Google's Webmaster Guidelines is strongly recommended, as it can lead to a deterioration in disregard of the ranking of a website through algorithmic or manual action by the spam team from Google ...
New Guidelines for Google Webmaster

As in relation to the optimization of websites in the first place, the quality guidelines are of interest, in the following, the updated version of these guidelines as well as the major changes:

Google quality guidelines - Basic principles :

    * Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines
    * Do not deceive your users
    * Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine ranking
    * Think about what your site is unique, useful or attractive one

Avoid using the following techniques:

Changes :

In reading the detail pages to the forbidden techniques of Google we have noticed the following changes:

    * Sending products when users write something about it and add a link to
    * Forum comments with optimized links in the post or in the signature
    * Links within widgets that are distributed across sites
    * Links that are inserted in articles without proper context
    * Not the focus of a website matching snippet markups, such as Fake Reviews
    * Text blocks with cities and countries, appear for a website in the ranking is
    * Widely distributed in the footer links from different websites

Besides apparently bought or bartered links it is according to the new guidelines of Google now also no longer allowed, the free shipment of products that diffuse proliferation of widgets or excessive comment spam disproportionate to generate many links ...

If you still find more significant changes in the new guidelines may, if you wish, post them as comments.


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