Mata Tag

What are they, when and how to use them

Meta TagIn this chapter we will examine the meta tag (or "meta" as they are often called). Meta tags are special HTML tags through which you can specify information (indeed, meta-information) of various kinds and types of a page web.

This chapter will discuss only those meta tags related to search engines. For a more general discussion and for those who are not familiar with HTML a look at official documentation W3C on meta tags.

Start by saying that the purpose of positioning in the search engines The META TAG DO NOT NEED TO ALMOST NOTHING.

The meta tags have a minimum value

Search engines decide the position of a page based on text on the page itself, the popularity of the website and on various other parameters.

Unfortunately there is a widespread belief that meta-tags serve to "make register" a site on search engines and that their presence on a page can magically draw engine spiders, or even that serve to to get visitors on the site.

Driven by the desire to find a convenient and fast (though useless), was born the common belief that to get good results on search engines is sufficient to a website "as it happens" (although technically poor) and then put on his pages meta tags, perhaps created by a generator meta tag ("meta tag generator") find anywhere.

Who proceeds obtained as described above, of course, disastrous results.

A website is not really optimized derive no benefit by positioning the meta tags, also the many existing meta tag generators encourage users to abandon automatisms that do not allow them to understand what they are really doing and often produce unnecessary meta tags that are of no help to the search engines, unnecessarily burdening the size in bytes of the web page.

The meta tag which we will have lost most of their effectiveness as a tool for the positioning of web pages, however, remain sometimes useful for strengthen a minimum the theme of the page and often also serve as a tool for usability towards users.

Essentially, meta tags dedicated to the search engines are three:

 This meta tag allows you to enter a description of the contents of web page in which it appears.
This meta tag allows you to specify a list of keywords that regarding the topics covered in the web page.
Unlike the two meta tags mentioned above, the purpose of which is to include additional information on the content of the page, this other half tag contains "advice behavior"For the spider that will pick up and analyze the page. We will explain more fully below what we mean by "advice behavior".

These three are added the meta tag dedicated to Google, which is reported as such engine currently assumes a predominant role the scene of the search engines.


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