keyword density

Here you will find important information and tips on keyword density
Keyword density 
As keywords (keywords) that search terms are known, which are entered in the search engines to find information and techniques used are under the Onpage seo Optimization.

In order for a website but is also found with the desired keywords, these must of course also be present on the site. It is therefore important that are well stocked, especially the content of texts with the corresponding keywords.

But it should be noted that the keywords are not a natural-appearing exceed number. Otherwise, the search engines may evaluate this as manipulation and refuse to index the site.

What is the keyword density?

This ratio, the number of an individual keyword to the total number of words is, as Keyword Density refers. Is a keyword for a total of 1,000 words 30 times present, then the keyword density is therefore 3%. Now measure the keyword density.

This value is also determined search engines to detect any tampering. Therefore, it makes no sense, just that keyword list umpteen times. Write normal text for your visitors and only pay attention to the fact that the keywords are repeated often. In this procedure, too high a keyword density is generally avoided automatically.

What is the optimal keyword density?

The algorithm for the evaluation of sites by Google and others remains a mystery. Therefore, results such as the keyword density values from long experience of SEO around the world.

Most SEO experts use to the maximum keyword density at about 4%. If it goes beyond it, may be ignored by the search engines the page. Determine the time keyword density  and therefore to make any desired your pages.

However, there is also no rule without exception. Do you have a keyword density of 10%, this does not automatically mean that you kicked out of the index of search engines. With such a high density, rather there is a risk that your texts are read for the user to no longer make sense.

Tips for keyword optimization

In addition to the normal content of texts is to make sure that your keywords are also included in the page title, the headings, link text and into the title and alt attributes of images. Ideal are also keywords in domain names and file names. The evaluation will also include keywords in the meta-data, if they are also present in the text. But unlike previously, these data have begun to play a subordinate role.

Do not try to optimize your entire web presence to all your keywords. Although search engines evaluate the whole site, but on certain keywords in a query will always see only the side that is really relevant.

Focus therefore per page on a specific topic and use this target the matching keywords. And you do not save with text. From more than 300 words, you're on the right track, because the search engines is the motto: "Content is King".

But what are the right keywords for my website?

For the keyword search us kindly provides comprehensive and above all free Google tools available:

The first can be found at:

Here you enter your main subject and the tool for you to find matching keywords. Below are the monthly inquiries and competition for that keyword.


You can compare directly with each keyword found. In addition to differences in search volume, you also get information and trends in the dependence of country, region and season.

They have a good keyword density, and are not found still usable?

For very popular keywords, of course, also want a lot of websites are found with it. In this case, it is very difficult to pass only through an optimized keyword density, the competition in the search results list. Here, further measures are necessary to search engine optimization.


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