Google panda update 3.9.2

Google Panda 3.9.2

Since Tuesday ( 18-Sep-2012), Google has launched a new update to its algorithm with a dose of Panda The twenty-first name: 3.9.2. (Unofficial numbering).

The announcement by cons, is official after Mr. @ Google on his twitter account:

Google Panda 3.9.2

The Official tweet Google says that this update is being applied and we can expect some changes even in the days to come. However, according to information provided by Google, only 0.7% of applications would be affected in the world.

Google remains on a stable frequency approximately monthly: the previous update was on 19/20 August 2012. It had been called 3.9.1 so I do not know if it will be 3.9.2 or 4.0. From my initial analysis, this update is more important than Google panda 3.9.1