Google Dance is back

What is Google Dance?
Google Dance
Google Dance
Google dance was a phenomenon that was created by Google's algorithm. Because Google earlier on average once pear months adjustments made to the results, it was possible that your website by penalty temporarily indexed. You had to wait until the next Google update to recover. Because a website than ever tossed was in search was hurled get that effect Google Dance.Google dance was at one point in the past. The reason was that Google actually did make daily changes. Because the changes were performed daily fluctuation were therefore not so big, so there was an end to Google Dance.

Google Dance is back!

Times change daily and slow changes are over. The reason for this is mainly the new Google updates. Updates as Penguin, Panda and DMCA Penalty can ensure that your site will score worse in the search engines. These effects can your site at once hard hit and it takes a long time before you get back, in some cases you yourself even better return, this effect is very similar to the old Google Dance.

The Panda dance:

If you're hit by a Panda update, you obviously need adjustments to your website to do. If you have made these adjustments, do not you come back steadily, but only restore your website in the search results can as the next Panda update rolled out.

The Penguin Dance:

It is still very unclear how quickly you recover from a Penguin update. You can request a review by Google and wait or your site automatically recovers. Google itself indicates that you must wait until the restore, my experience is that the recovery is very long overdue.

Pirates dance:

If Google determines that your website authors rights violating your site is displayed in lower search results. It is still very unclear how long the duration and, if you can restore them.


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