7 changes in Facebook that impact on the business pages

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Facebook is always changing and with them the strategy of companies to keep up. In recent days have announced many changes in regard to the brand pages or businesses in this social environment. Here are 7 new features that every business should take advantage and dominate the delay.

1) Cover Photo and Profile Picture

You could say that the most dramatic change is the possibility of a big image instead of the row of photos before available. This image has dimensions of 850 pixels by 315 pixels maximum. But  NO you can use calls to action like "Click Like" or "sharing." Not allowed any contact information, either web site, address, telephone and so on. Be creative to get attention in a way different from what has been used in the past.

2) Sharing Stories Biggest Way

This new feature allows you to display images and videos in larger format and thus be more striking. Another thing is that you can highlight these stories with the star that appears on the right side, and the role to edit or delete.

3) Show Milestones

This ability to put events or milestones in the Timeline gives the company the ability to share those great moments with the community. To do this you can click the line between the wall and click a window will open which will let you put the kind of major event and why. Keep in mind that the timeline is more focused on the history of the company to answer questions.  It is critical that the more attractive visually better.

4) New Applications

One of the other big changes is that they removed the pages or special applications. Are still available but on the right side but only the four most important applications. You can not change the location of the photos so you really only three of them are those which can be changed. This is where creativity can change the name of the application and make calls to action like "welcome" or "click here" for example.

5) offers Facebook

Only a few companies now have access to Facebook offers, but anytime you can. By making deals in this application can be viewed as postings and have a button "to get the offer" because Facebook has email addresses of everyone you send an email to interested parties with details of the offer. No emails you provide to management but gives the opportunity to share large-scale supply. This option can be helpful for small businesses that can offer "free seminars" or something with a great discount. Be careful because you have to accommodate the demand for it. For example Einstein's Bagels company received 30.000 offers from people wanting their free BYGO sandwich. Indeed with over 500 local delivery no problem but be careful with the type of offer and if there is enough stock for it.

6) Panel Manager, Messaging and Facebook Insights

Another change in the timeline is where the administrator can see all the information on the page, messages, movement, fan comments and graphics etc..

7) Advertising on Facebook

Some of the big changes with respect to advertising is that these will be larger and product names are or Scope Generator "Reach Generator" and from the first or "Premium". The first is designed to reach more of your followers which is reached by the news. With this type of advertising companies can reach up to 50% of his followers when they do this time only to 16%. These are designed to be viewed on the right side of the page for news and phones. Premium Part is designed to distribute the stories to new connections and also displayed on the right side of the news.

Conclusion :

We shall venture to try to have the best possible time line to capitalize on Facebook. Obvious that any change involves changing marketing strategies, design etc. How about the new changes?  Share with us your opinions.

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